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ICRS World Congress 2015

Finceramica will attend the ICRS World Congress in Chicago (May, 8-11 2015) with a booth.

The following presentation on MaioRegen will be included in the main programme:

G. Filardo, E. Kon, S. Marlovits, A. Di Martino, M. Busacca, F. Perdisa, M. Marcacci, S. Trattnig
Osteochondral regeneration. A new MRI evaluation score: MOCART-OC


12 posters focused on MaioRegen will be presented:

M. Drobnic, D. Martincic, K. Stražar, D. Radosavljevic

Autologous chondroctes implanted on Maioregen membrane for the treatment of chronic osteochondral lesions in the knee.

R. Kellner, H. Boszotta, M. Brix, R. Windhager, S. Domayer, M. Kaipel

Clinical and radiological effects following osteochondral lesion repair at knee and ankle using MaioRegen.

A.A.M. Dhollander, P. Verdonk, K.F. Almqvist, R. Verdonk, J. J. Victor

Treatment of osteochondral lesions in the knee with a cell-free scaffold.
A. Di Martino, G. Filardo, F. Perdisa, A. Sessa, B. Di Matteo, M. Marcacci, E. Kon
Articular Surface Reconstruction With A Biomimetic Osteochondral Scaffold for Tibial Plateau Fractures: Results At 2 Years Of Follow-Up.

A. Sessa, F. Perdisa, F. Tentoni, G. Filardo, A. Di Martino, M.P. Neri, M. Marcacci, E. Kon

Cell-free osteochondral scaffold for the treatment of articular cartilage of the knee: clinical study at 2 years of follow-up.

F. Perdisa, G. Filardo, V. Condello, M. Busacc1, C. Zorz3, M. Marcacc1, E. Kon

One step surgery with a biomimetic scaffold to treat osteochondral patellar lesions: prospective study at 2 years of follow-up.

E. Kon, G. Filardo, F. Perdisa, A. Sessa, A. Di Martino, F. Tentoni, M. Marcacci

Cell-free biomimetic scaffold for osteochondral defects: a pilot prospective clinical study at 84 months of follow-up.

A. Di Martino, G. Filardo, F. Perdisa, L. Andriolo, F. Tentoni, M. Marcacci, E. Kon

Biomimetic Osteochondral Scaffold For Oteochondratis Dissecans: Clinical And Mri Evaluation At 4-year Follow-up.

F. Perdisa, G. Filardo, M. Berruto, A. Di Martino, P. Ferrua, M. Marcacci, E. Kon

Failures of osteochondral scaffold implantation in the knee: influencing factors and how to deal with surgical revision.

B. Di Matteo, G. Filardo, A. Di Martino, F. Perdisa, S. Patella, M. Marcacci, E. Kon

Osteochondral scaffold reconstruction for complex knee lesions.

M. Berruto, F.M. Uboldi, P. Ferrua, S. Pasqualotto, E. Usellini, P. Zedde

Treatment of osteochondral lesion of the knee with Maioregen biomimetic osteochondral scaffold: 5 years follow up results.

M. Berruto, P. Ferrua, F.M. Uboldi, S. Pasqualotto, E. Usellini

Treatment of avascular necrosis of femoral condyles with Biomimetic osteochondral scaffold.




ICRS World Congress 2015


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Tibial plateau lesions-Surface reconstruction with a biomimetic osteochondral scaffold-Results at 2 years of follow-up


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